Hello Friends,

Today’s post is about Zucchini Bread For Dummies. But, really, I’m the dummy who doesn’t know how to bake.

Because I love food and I enjoy cooking, once in a while, there is going to be a food post on this blog. Even though we are not a food blog, I will share some pictures of what I’ve made over the weekend. It’s a fun way to talk about this hobby of mine that includes learning how to bake. 

Nonetheless, when I do bake, I normally stick to a few cake recipes that I already know how to make. Usually, I don’t experiment with baking much for a fear of messing things up. As I have in the past. Ahem! Ever created something that supposed to looked like a cake but really resembled a brick? If you’re not a baker, you can probably relate.  

However, this weekend, I’ve had a craving for delicious, fragrant zucchini bread. That’s because I’m waiting for the fall, hence the baking inspiration. But fall is being finicky and just won’t grace us with her presence in North Carolina. So, I baked a cake to call her in. You see, I miss the cool weather, hot chocolate and, cake.

final 2

The zucchini bread is easy to make and very moist due to the olive oil that is being called for in the recipe. I always use a recipe from one of my favorite flour distributors called Jovial Foods. You can grab the cake recipe link here.  

Also, because I almost never have any yogurt in the fridge but I always have sour cream, I substituted yogurt with sour cream while achieving similar results. I also used half a cup less sugar, and did not use chocolate chips. The results were just as good: wonderful, light cake with a hint of olive oil. And, a bit less sweet, which I prefer.

The cake is very popular in our house, and it usually disappears very quickly. Or, mysteriously, when finished baking it cannot be found. My husband likes to frost his individual servings with Nutella. I must admit, this is a yummy option as well. Occassinally, I have to hide both: the cake and the nutella!


Concluding, my new aspiring baker dream is to learn how to make a real birthday cake. A true masterpiece, made from scratch, multi-layered and properly frosted. And, artfully decorated using edible flowers. What do you think? Perhaps I can take up this challenge in November and surprise my hubby for his birthday.

Of course, a blog post will follow if I am successful. If not successful, I will post my mess, anyway. Hey, why not, life is life. Sometimes we have to be real and mess things up in order to learn.  

On the plus side, if I do mess it up, at least I won’t have to hide the cake. Although, it might disappear anyway.

How about you? Do you bake? If yes, what’s your favorite cake? Perhaps you want to share a baking recipe with us. We would be so pleased!



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