What to wear to a photoshoot is a question that is being asked quite frequently. The most important part of the style guide is that you, the person being photographed, feel comfortable in your own skin. Of course, you want to look your best,t, and pay attention to wardrobe, hair, and makeup. But if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the lens. The camera is going to pick this up.

1. Wear Clothes You Love

I always recommend clients to wear clothes they love. When you feel great about what you’re wearing, it makes a massive difference in the camera. If you’re wearing something you feel slightly unsure about, it will show on pictures. Confidence is your best friend! 

2. Wear Something Bold Instead Of Blending In

If you’re planning on wearing neutrals and for an outside shoot, you might fall into the background instead of standing out. Even a bright scarf or hat can make all the difference. Your wardrobe is a part of your personality, so stand out a little. 

3. Coordinate Outfits Instead Of Matching Them

Matching outfits are not necessarily the best idea for a dynamic picture. Pick three colors and mix them up as much as possible; most families don’t wear matching outfits in their everyday lives, so that may not be the kind of memory you want to preserve.

4. Consider The Season

Go for dark and bold colors like dark red, gold, and hunter green in winter. Autumn and winter are both seasons that work well with plaid as well.

For spring, go for baby blue, blush pink, cream, pastel yellow, and floral prints.

And for summer, add other fun prints like stripes and chevron (zigzag pattern).

5. Remember Less Is More

In terms of makeup, I suggest light and simple look. Makeup often photographs heavier than it is, so unless you’re going for a fall look, you might not love what you end up with. Tip: Bring powder for touch-ups. 

6. Hair Can Also Add Dimension

I don’t think there’s any perfect style. Because I try to capture authentic moments versus too much posing, it helps to see some movement, so I think keeping hair down and a little bit free helps a lot.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Go All Out

Photoshoots are a great opportunity to wear something fun, stylish, and attractive. You can dress up and wear anything you want. Long tulle dress and sequin top? Why not? Plaid and plaid and more plaid? Go for it! 

Final Note

No matter the occasion, the important thing to remember when preparing for a shoot is to bring your personality in front of the camera. Let your clothes be an extension of that idea, rather than the sole focus. Above all, just have fun with it.