August is already in full bloom, but we are still enjoying the warmth of the hot summer here in North Carolina. I hope you are basking in the sun, frolicking in nature or maybe even have found that perfect book to read while laying in your hammock. Nonetheless, if you need some inspiration for this week, we’ve found the perfect cake to make, that is if you are brave enough to undertake this adventurous task. Also, a smart choice of apps for those looking to find someone special. And, tips and tricks on how to create amazing Instagram images – a tool that is always on trend. If all else fails, find a cute Vespa and ride it like crazy for a day! I promise you will feel better. 

Have a deliciously sunny week!

Enjoy every day.

Live beautifully!



Favorite Cake (rosemary + lavender naked cake from Sprinkles for Breakfast).


Dating. The smart girl’s guide to dating apps.

dating app

Instagram Stars share how to take perfect photos. Oldie but goodie.

perfect insta photos

Photos: SprinklesForBreakfast, Lauren Conrad, Vogue

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