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Today we are talking about Things We Love – Thanksgiving Madness

Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel like a few days, right before Thanksgiving, people go mad. There is more traffic on the roads, supermarkets seem to raise their prices, and everyone in your phone book that you try to reach is unavailable. Even your mother.

I call this: Thanksgiving Madness!

As such, I do presume that eventually, it will all end with the following title: Thanksgiving Silence. I am concluding with long naps, various digestive issues, hangovers, no vehicles on the roads, and empty supermarkets.

And, once again, I won’t be able to reach people in my phonebook because they will be sleeping it off.

Whatever that is.

On that note, In my previous post, How To Make Amazing Thanksgiving Turkey – My Tips And Tricks, I talk about my simple plan on how to make this year’s holiday dinner tasty and foolproof, what I’m going to make and my intent on prepping ahead.

Hence, my turkey is already defrosting.

And I’m writing down a simple menu that will be featured on our table. This means that I will be “dancing in the kitchen” wearing a white apron, plus a joyful smile. Hopefully! 

Of course, I’ll be listening to ABC Lounge Radio because I have to have my French lounge music while I’m cooking, baking, and trying to save my energy. And, sanity, for that matter.

And, all of this will be happening while my dear husband washes the dishes – because not everything fits into the dishwasher.

But, today, for a quick dose of inspiration, as always, I include some of my web treasures to help you, my friends, to stay on track during Thanksgiving preparations.

That is, of course, if you are cooking. If you’re not, you’re lucky. This time!

Yes, your time will come.

Because everyone must make at least one Thanksgiving dinner in their lifetime, that’s what Barefoot Contessa says.

Ok, I just made up the part about Contessa.

But, hey, honestly, what is Thanksgiving without actually giving something, and being thankful?

And, to me, both of those are cooking! 

In white apron.

Maybe even…barefoot. 😉 

Happy Holidays!!!



If you have extra cranberries you can make this delicious bread. 

It’s always a nice touch to add cloth napkins with your guest’s name. 

Ever wondered how to really make that fancy cheeseboard? Now you can. 

Photo credit: Berlys Kitchen, Victoria Mag, What’s Gabby Cooking

Feature Photo by Brooke Lark

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