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Today on Things We Love it’s all about autumn ideas.

Did you decorate your home for the fall yet?  

I normally don’t go crazy but I do like to put small accents that remind me of the changing season. Usually, it’s something orange, pumpkin-like or cozy and warm.

Coincidentally, my hubby bought a giant pumpkin which is now standing on the living room floor. Waiting to be either painted, carved or eaten. Which one will it be? Hmmm – I don’t know yet.


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But back to the fall season, I am in awe of all the leaves that are slowly changing in Charlotte. We are planning a trip to the mountains soon. Once there, one can truly witness the beauty of fall’s magnificent colors.

As such, here are top three links that I think you might find useful this week. 

First, I’ve found 100 things you can do in autumn. Hey, why sit at home when there is so much to do? 

Second, I’ve located the perfect cupcake recipe you must make. Perhaps you can suprise your family on a crispy-cool autumn weekend. Besides, who doesn’t like cupcakes? 

Lastly, I’ve discovered a great idea on how to decorate your home inexpensively. I mean, it is a short season, why spend a lot on home decor! 

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♠ Inexpensive home decor ideas for autumn from passionatepennypincher.com 

IMG 8266

100 things to do in autumn that you will love!  From ElizabethDhokia.com. Check it out! 

IMG 8267

Pumkin Pie Cupcakes you have to make this season. Let us know if you do and how they turned out. This recipe gem comes from cincyshopper.com 

Photo credit: passionatepennypincher.com, elizabethdhokia.com, cincyshopper.com 

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