Hello Friends,

As I am awaiting the arrival of hurricane Florence in North Carolina – not the most pleasant thing to be waiting for – I am thinking of all the madness such crisis creates.

I mean – we went to buy bottled water today, and couldn’t find water anywhere. Everything was sold out! Talking about preparedness! 

Hopefully, things will change in a few days, and more water will be delivered. Otherwise, we’ll be drinking tap water when wonderful Florence graces us with her not very humble presence. 

But, why worry – this is stuff completely beyond my control.

What I can do is to post my favorite links in this blog, so that you can enjoy them, and let me know what you think! 



img 7460

♠ How to choose amazing lamps for your home.

img 7462

♣ Bet you always wanted to make this cake. I know you did!

img 7463

♥ Who knew that instead of eating them you can decorate: apple candles!

Photo credit: designertrapped.com, callmecupcake.se, wonderfulamps.com
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