It’s time for: Things We Love! 

Hello Friends!

Is it September already?

Wow, time flies. I hope you had an amazing summer. I know I did!

Still, it’s so hot today in Charlotte. No Fall season in site yet. I simply can’t wait to go on a short trip to the mountains, once the cooler weather sets in. Of course, I will write about it on our blog.

I must admit, life in North Carolina is truly amazing. We’ve been here for over two years, and we love it! There is always something to do.

I get so inspired by connecting with local bloggers, and women entrepreneurs. The more the merrier, so if you are a lifestyle blogger reading this – do drop me a note. I’d love to connect with aspiring new content creators! 

As such, I have an event coming up that I am going to write about soon. It will be a blog + photo report. I love going to events so – stay tuned…It should be a fun piece to report on. 

But, today on our Things We Love, I would like to share some of my favorite links inspired by my love for decorating, DIY tips, and travel ideas.

Now about the links.

Did you ever try making your own ghee? I have! It’s a bit of work but the results are amazing! Try it!

What’s more, I am so visually motivated! I always search for various creative ways on how to get that luxury look at home for less. The link below will surely inspire you.

Lastly, are you planning a trip to Europe this Fall? Maybe Paris? I’ve been to that magical city twice and I truly recommend it. Best part: the countless French bistros and cafes where you can sip coffee and “people watch” for hours. Go soon!

I hope you enjoy my favorite links! Let me know if you do.

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♦ Home to make your home look expensive. 

img 7457

♠ Traveling to Europe this fall? Check out this awesome vacation rental in Paris. 

IMG 7864

How to make your own ghee. 

Photo credit: Homeinspiration Lulu, The Healthy Foodie, Paris Perfect
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