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IMG 4606If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and are searching for things to do this weekend, I have an excellent idea for you!  

Why not hop in your car, grab the kids, neighbors, friends, strangers, whatever is your preference, and come on over to my side of town, to the Lake Norman area. 

Once you arrive here, you are very close to the magical Latta Nature Preserve. With plenty of things to do, you can indulge in hiking, biking, fishing, swimming in the Mountain Island Lake, and even kayaking if something more advanced strikes your fancy. 

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Why not bring blankets and picnic fare and enjoy lunch a la fresco close to the water while enjoying Buzzard Rock overlook.  

Take the time from your busy life and connect with nature. Leave the cell phones in the car. And listen to the birds and the sound of waves gently crashing the shores. 

Revel in the natural beauty of this genuinely unique nature preserve. With lots of fresh air and free oxygen therapy, also known as “forest bathing.” 

IMG 4606things to do

“Studies have shown that Forest Bathing or forest therapy boosts immune system function and supports the activity of cancer-fighting Natural Killer (NK) cells 2. The body’s levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline, the internally-produced “stress hormones,” can also be controlled with regular forest therapy trips.” 3

No wonder, every time I leave the park, I feel amazing! 

Latta Nature Preserve is only 22 minutes away from Charlotte City Center and is truly unique and beautiful. But, want to find out how wonderful it is? 

Then watch my YouTube video where I take you on a cinematic, soundtrack-based journey while revealing small, intriguing details I noticed about the forest and the lake. This is from my Fun Things To Do In Charlotte series. You’re going to love the video!

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