Hello Friends,

Today, it’s all about The Simple Things – Appreciating Changing Seasons.

As such, I hope your weekend was beautiful!

What did you do? Anything fun?

For us, as usual, when the weather is beautiful, our favorite way to start the weekend is to go for a morning walk. Therefore, we always try to connect with nature and, at the same time, do some sunbathing. Even if it’s cold out. I think this is the best way to get some natural vitamin D.

This weekend, we went for a long walk in the nearby Jetton Park, which is situated next to the bay water of our magnificent Lake Norman. What a pleasure to be outdoors wearing some hats and gloves already and enjoying the crisp air. The sun rays, nourishing our faces.

While in the woods, I could spot the leaves changing. Autumn artfully doing what it’s supposed to do – paint the world with her favorite golden hue. A sign of things mellowing down.

Though early in the morning, people were already jogging. Some were walking their dogs while enjoying the chilly, breezy morning. Probably nature lovers, like us. I was basking in the simple things.

A walk in the park. A run along the damp trails. A quiet conversation with a friend. A thoughtful contemplation over the changing seasons.

Sometimes we forget to focus on ordinary things. Appreciate our surroundings, to be grateful, be bashful.  

It’s never too late!

There is always time to turn things around and get back to enjoying the things we used to do when we were kids like spending time outside even though it’s cold out. Playing, frolicking, running, enjoying the wilderness, and being with a friend.

Thus, don’t wait too long – go out and play now. And if you’re already doing it. Don’t forget to call that friend that is missing the fun and invite them to play.  

So, tell us, do you take walks outside? If, so what’s your favorite spot?

Happy Fall Week!  



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