The Idea Behind Caramel Chic 

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Caramel Chic?

A: A while back, I saw a romantic comedy centered on the daily lives of five Lebanese women living in Beirut. Instantly, I fell in love with it.

Q: Where did the action take place?

A: The movie takes place in a small beauty shop.

Q: What sparked your interest in this particular movie?

A: Just about everything drew me to this movie; the theme, the scenery, the music, but especially the unique bond that was formed among the women regularly visiting the beauty shop.

Caramel – The Story

Q: Without revealing the plot, can you tell us more about the movie?

A: With the support of their friends in their well-known salon, the women searched for the answers to questions of life, love, and happiness. But they also talked about home life, baking, their neighborhood, their business ideas, relationships, and marriage. The women formed a strong bond and a unique friendship.

Q: How does your website translate to the movie?

A: Caramel Chic is a media platform for women, just like in that beauty shop in Beirut, Lebanon. But, it doesn’t have a location. Because it’s happening right here on our platform, reaching women all over the globe.

Why Caramel 

Q: How did you come up with the name Caramel Chic?

A: The movie’s title, “Caramel” inspired me. The name stems from an actual sugar wax, caramel, which is a popular, all-natural beauty product in the Middle East and Lebanon. The women slowly melt sugar, which forms a gooey substance; the technicians then apply the product to the skin all over the body. In the movie, we can see women also snacking on the caramel, as it is delightfully sweet.

By watching the film, I’ve learned that you can’t rush through the process of making caramel and, as it can sting. Just like life, I think.

The Mission Of Caramel Chic 

Q: How would you like your fans to recognize your platform?

A: Here at Caramel Chic, we would like to share practical and real advice on all sorts of lifestyle topics about women. My dream was to create an outlet where women can feel just like in a local beauty shop, where they can find familiarity and connect. Where they can feel at home.

By forming this unique bond, I mean to strengthen and inspire women all over the world, even if it means only one woman at a time.

The Future Of Caramel Chic 

Q. Any projects for the upcoming months?

J. In the future, our goal is to host podcasts on interviews with keynote speakers, and women from all walks of life where they can share stories about their lives, issues, careers, and aspirations. So, stay tuned.

Q. The last question, are you from Lebanon?

A. No, I am not. I am from New York City, but I was born in Poland.

Interviewed by J. Netsua, a Caramel Chic fan.

Photography: Jordane Mathieu; Gallery photos: 

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