Easy summer cake even a 3-year old can make! 😉

First, you eat half of the strawberries you buy. 🍓 🍓 🍓

Then you put on your favorite music and pre-heat the oven. 🎶

Next steps are as follows:

Mix 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of sugar and 3 tsp of baking powder in one bowl.

Beat 3 eggs, half cup oil, and one cup yogurt or buttermilk in another bowl.

Mix wet ingredients with dry ingredients with a spatula or hand mixer.

Pour batter into large baking dish, drop some fresh strawberries (aprox. 2 cups)

Mix a cup of flour with half cup sugar and 100 gram butter (4-5 TBSP) to create crumble topping for the cake.

Bake in 350F/180C for 45-50 min. Do not over bake.

Enjoy with someone you love 💖