The Small Things

Life can get over overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to if we only pause for a moment and recognize the small things that give us big feelings

We ran around doing one hundred things at once while trying to complete long to-do lists and take care of our family and loved ones.

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And it’s no wonder! Because despite living in the 21st century, from what I see, women still do more. Perhaps because we’re natural caretakers or maybe because people expect us to perform in that way.

However, what if you could pause for a minute, and think about all the small things in life. Not big things. The tiny, little moments. The short small instances that bring you happiness. The small things that give you big feelings. 

What would they be?

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Cozy Things

Maybe it’s your favorite comfortable, oversized sweater that you put on during a chilly evening.

Or, maybe it’s driving near a pretty road and seeing charming buildings and landscapes that put a smile on your face.

Or, just maybe, it’s a piece of delicious pastry in your favorite coffee shop.

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Sometimes, we get so busy; we forget to stop for a bit and enjoy the simple moments. The few minutes that bring us small pleasures in life, and get us going through the day of the week—the little, obscure lifesavers. Without them, we would not be able to keep going.

An awaited dose of an invisible energy shot.

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And, it’s through those quiet, ordinary instances that we get to appreciate life. The simplicity of being a human being. The beauty of the moment. The authenticity of it all.

What are some of the things that bring you small pieces of joy?

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Here is a list of five things that bring me delight right now:

1. A long walk in nature on a weekday.
2. A cup of my favorite coffee – sipped slowly.
3. Putting on a new shade of lipstick.
4. The smell of fresh basil on my kitchen counter.
5. Taking photos of unexpected things.

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Time is precious, and life is short – savior the small things now. Don’t wait for those big moments. They might never come. Don’t wait to eat out of that unique dinner set you purchased for a Christmas family event. Eat on it now!

Make every moment of your life count. Make it unique and enjoy the process.

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A sad story.

There was once a nice old lady who passed away at the age of 90 years past. She died quietly in her sleep. When her children, who were already grown, organized a sale of her estate – they found lots of beautiful linens, precious china, and magnificent jewelry.

All these items were neatly stored away in her oak chest closet. She never used any of them. It turned out that the old lady was saving them for “that special occasion.”

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Special Moment

Well, that particular moment never came. Consequently, she died never giving herself a chance to eat on her elegant china and cherish her lovely linens. And, nobody ever saw her wearing all of her luxurious jewelry. 

Hence, I always think about this story when a feeling to put something away for that “special day” sneaks in. 

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Immediately, I remind myself that – every single day is extraordinary. 

Every day is magnificent. Each day is magical. Enjoy life now.

And give thanks for your existence. 

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Photography: Simon Berger Jian Xhin  Juliana Malta  Julian Hochgesang Caique Silva Georgia de Lotz cosiela-borta Billy Kwok Annie Spratt

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