Hello Friends,

Today we present a short Photo Report titled: Pumpkin Patch – Davidson, North Carolina.

While driving this weekend, we made an unexpected stop. We drove by a particular Pumpkin Patch in Davidson, NC, and decided to check it out. 

Do you ever do this? Just see something interesting, pool over and have fun?  That’s exactly what we did!

Too bad I didn’t have my DSLR with me. But, I took out my iPhone to take a few snapshots of this charming little Pumpkin Patch.

I thought if someone wanted to decorate their home with a multitude of pumpkins – that was undoubtedly the place to be! A little, pumpkin heaven! So colorful and beautifully arranged. A common area on the side of the road that brings a smile to your face.  

It certainly made me smile.

Don’t you love the simple things in life?

Check out my iPhone photo report on the Pumpkin Patch below.




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