Three Simple Tips 

On today’s episode, I will be sharing 3 – simple tips on how to How To Work From Home And Get Stuff – Done!

I am going to provide easy yet valuable guidelines on how to be productive, formulate good habits and – be happy.

And – these are stress free strategies that anyone can do.

I will be explaining how beneficial and important these tips are so that you can have less worry, be more happy – and get on with your life.

If you work from home, as many people nowadays do, you will resonate with me on the subject of the distinctive and varied home office lifestyles.

Now, I realize working from home is not for everyone. But, I – for one thing – simply love working from home!

Some background on how it all got started.

I used to work in the corporate world in Manhattan. Then corporate offices in Europe. Then, I moved to North Carolina to also work at an office –  at a place, maybe less corporate but a job I still hated.

On top of that, I worked with a boss that drove me absolutely crazy. When I left that job, it was only natural for me to finally say – I’ve had enough!

I’m ready to start a business of my own. Something I had always had in the back of my mind.

I worked from home before – occasionally, so I was used to it and had the work from home discipline factor down.

But, working from home – for yourself is a totally different ball game.

There is nobody giving you tasks, and assignments, nobody directing you, nobody telling you what to do – and you don’t have a set time to log in and out.  

When you work for yourself – you can work all the time.

And that’s the tricky part  – if you can work all the time – you must strategize.

Otherwise, it’s easy to get distracted and lose a lot of precious time. And –  that’s one thing you can’t ever get back.


Some examples of common distractions are:

Social media phone browsing, internet browsing, kitchen time, running to the store, doing laundry, cleaning the cupboards – on your break time.

Hey, it happens to the best of us! I’m guilty of that too.

Nonetheless, the point of strategizing this vulnerable work from home time – is to set a schedule and organize yourself – smart.

There is no need to be a perfectionist at this but sticking to a strategy 90% of the time is the best way for it to be effective.  

And that’s how we get to Tip Number 1.

To hear tip number 1 and all the other tips – tune in to our show.  

How To Work From Home And Get Stuff - Done!

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