Dream boards have become quite popular in recent years. Just about any project, business, as well as personal, can benefit from creating a dream board. 

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As such, glance over Pinterest, and you’ll see how many dream boards, vision boards, and inspirational pins there are. I like to call them: visual tools. They help us organize our thoughts and have in front of our eyes all ideas compiled into one area. Sometimes our ideas escape somewhere, or we later forget them. But, a vision board is an excellent way to anchor those ideas and store them in an organized fashion.

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A dream board could be anything you want. It could be how you see your past, your present, and the future. A dream board is all about you and what elements of specific plans in your life you want to implement. It’s about your life, your business, your family, the possibilities are endless. 

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Moreover, dream boards are not for “daydreaming” without a purpose, or merely whishing or fantasizing. Dream boards are a fantastic tool that conceptualizes a project or an idea. Plus, you can place them on any wall in your home, your office, your kitchen, a hallway—any place—as an apt reminder of your plans and goals. 

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Dream boards are excellent at evoking emotions and helping us remember why we do certain things. Why do we keep going when things get hard? What makes us get through the slump days? How about recognizing our rewards and accomplishments? Do you sometimes forget about how hard you work? It happens to me all the time. That’s why it’s essential to tell ourselves about our successes. Visual boards also serve as a form of encouragement and teach us how far we’ve come. 

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To illustrate, I have a vision board in my office that I’ve created not long ago. I look at it every day, and I have a copy of it on my phone. Recently, I’ve received a small ribbon from a public speaking club. I was so proud of getting that ribbon that I put it next to my dream board as a reminder of this small yet significant achievement. 

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Also, my vision board serves as a clear reminder, an inspiration, and a vivid focus on where I’m going. And where I want to be in my business. However, if you look at my dream board, you will not understand it because it has a lot of symbolic elements that are personal to me. But that’s the whole point. You’re not supposed to get my dream board, and I’m not supposed to understand yours. Dream boards are unique for every individual. 

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To start your dream board, all you need is some visuals. You can tear them out of magazines or collect them from the internet. Try not to steal them from your doctor’s office. Look at the colors and images and see which picture grabbed your attention. Collect as many as possible, then select the essential pieces, next, pin them on a board or create a collage. The significant point about the visual boards is that you should be able to see them daily. Otherwise, they serve no purpose. Therefore printing anything digital is a smart move. 

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Interestingly, dream boards can evolve with time, and you can always create new ones or change the ones you already have. There are no rules to this thing. It’s up to your imagination. 

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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