Presenting SEASON II – EPISODE 11 of Caramel Chic Radio!

Our new episode is about How To Be Happy No Matter What!  

My Guest

When I first met her I said to myself this is the kind of woman that I would love to have a cup of coffee with, hang out, laugh and just talk about anything. I wanted to interview her because her energy and positivity and her contagious smile simply intrigued me. I wanted to find out what propels her every day to have such an amazing attitude toward life, faith, work, and entrepreneurship.

I wanted to ask her questions about how she overcame obstacles in her life to get to a point where she is today so that her story can inspire each and every one of you. As we all sometimes need a little inspiration.

The Interview

When I sat down with her for this intimate interview I was not disappointed, as I learned a lot from her. And, I walked away from the interview truly uplifted and happy. What inspired me about her is that she is a life-long learner just like I am. She doesn’t take BS, she is driven and believes in taking action regardless if it’s perfect or not.

One line that stuck out in my head.

It was when I asked her for some advice to anyone out there needing a little push to start their dream projects, and she said: start yesterday.  

Tune In 

Tune in to this candid chat about personal discovery, life lessons and a valid personal message about achieving your dreams in spite of sacrifices we women sometimes have to make.

This interview had me energized and happy that I was able to meet this remarkable woman who was once called a girl version of Forrest Gump. Want to find out why? Stay with me.

And now without further ado, I present to you: Emmy Cornwell, an Online Body Confidence Coach from Seattle area who helps women shed pounds and encourages them daily with her sister like loving spirit with everyone she meets.

Let’s go and let’s get happy! 

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