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So now that you know all about me passing the North Carolina real estate license exam, I’m going to share some real estate book recommendations on where to get valuable information on how to get started in real estate; how to initially run this business!

There is a ton of books out there on real estate. A ton! One can take a year off to read them all. Provided you find a peaceful place where nobody disturbs you. Maybe Mongolia. Or the Far East Desert. Or your mom’s basement.

It took me about three months to research the information on how to get started in real estate. Not everything resonated with me, and not everything was okay. You’ll find tons of online coaches and gurus that are ready to sell you the next course or a coaching session – for a hefty price. Buying courses was not in my budget, so I resorted to books.

Books that have been carefully chosen by me. And, I’ve read them all page by page. None of these publications have asked me for any endorsements. I am merely recommending them out of the goodness of my own heart. There are some lost souls out there – just like I was – that are considering a career in real estate. I love these books and feel that they do justice to how I envision a career in real estate, especially for a woman.

My Top Three Books For Newbies


First on top of my list is “How To Be A Great Real Estate Agent” by Joe Rand. Joe is an attorney and real estate agent in New York. I love his book so much that I’m reading it for the second time. The way he describes doing real estate business is precisely the way I envision it. Joe talks about going back to customer service when working with clients, calling clients if you have something to offer them, such as value. And, providing white-glove customer service so outstanding that you get lifetime referrals from these people.

Joe also talks about Disney. Yes, Disney! Because the way he describes his business model refers to how Disney treats their customers. Disney goes above and beyond exceeding their client’s expectations on a very personal level that surpasses anything you can imagine. Joe emphasizes personal relationships, lengthy personable client consultations, and frowns upon soul-sucking cold calling that used to be so prevalent in the sales industry. Please do yourself a favor and read his book!


The second book titled: “Exactly What To Say” by Jones, Smith, Mackin, is an excellent book that could be used not only in real estate or business world but also in sustaining relationships. Sometimes it’s the way we say things to others that has the most impact on communicating our message. I’m not talking about manipulation here. I’m merely saying that by wording our sentences a certain way, we get across other people with more impact. It’s about confidence and taking your communication skills to a higher level. Who wouldn’t want that?


Terry Wilson is a real estate agent and a school instructor. He teaches pre and post-licensing classes in Charlotte, NC — I recommend his book, titled “Hiking The Real Estate Trail.” Though I’ve never met him, I found his book useful, especially for newbies. It’s a no B.S. manual on how to get started in the crazy world of real estate, all written step by step. He even provides useful checklists and seller and buyer information sheets. Also, the book is available on Amazon as an audiobook to listen to while you’re driving, when you’re doing dishes, or walking your dog — or flying to Mongolia.

So, there you have it! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive online mastermind classes, I’ve spent around 30 dollars for three books. And, I obtained information from incredibly successful individuals, who are still in the business, are selling houses, and did not try to sell me anything while I was reading their books. Because let’s be honest – nobody likes being sold to, not even me.

The next post will be on mobile apps, technology, and other resources I use to stay organized.

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