Maybe this is not the right time to write a blog post on becoming a realtor. After all, we are approaching the holidays, and I should be writing about holiday gifts, Christmas shopping, or seasonal events. However, because I like to stay authentic, I wanted to take this time to talk about something that I’ve accomplished recently. And perhaps inspire you along the way. Or ignite your New Year’s resolutions!

So, late this summer, I enrolled in a real estate school here in Charlotte, NC. I took a grueling full-time six-week course that was not easy and demanded a lot of time and dedication to pass the class test, which then qualifies you to sit for the state exams. There are two: one is national, and one is a state test.

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I passed all tests successfully with a retake on the state exam, which was the trickiest in terms of the way questions were asked but, I studied hard and dedicated a lot of time and effort to achieve this goal.

Once I passed all exams, I applied with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for my broker license. North Carolina is a broker state, which means you obtain your broker license on a provisional status until you complete post-licensing education within eighteen-months of becoming a provisional broker.

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Next, once my license was issued, I applied to a brokerage firm of my choice immediately. I didn’t even wait for the NCREC to mail my certificate; instead, I went online and downloaded my realtor broker pocket card with my license number for my real estate brokerage application. The company I chose is called eXp Realty, and it’s the fastest-growing brokerage in the United States with offices also in Canada and the UK.

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At eXp Realty, we meet in an online space that resembles a game interface. Additionally, we have fun Avatars that change outfits and attend live meetings. During the holidays we can even wear Santa hats. Also decorated is our virtual campus with lots of winter snowflakes. What’s convenient is that I get to work from home, and if I have a question for any of my BIC’s (Broker-in-Charge), I teleport my avatar to the virtual eXp Realty offices and “knock on BIC’s doors,” whoever is on duty will try to answer my question. 

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Overall, I am pleased with my decision. Maybe because I am a secret nerd, or perhaps because I like technology, or because I believe in the future of innovation; nonetheless, I love being a part of this organization.

For those of you who are resistant to change, remember Amazon? If I’m not wrong, because I can’t remember that far, people had some preconceived notions about its initial online opening. Now, it is the biggest e-commerce shop of all time. And almost everyone shops there. Similarly, that’s the future of eXp Realty and its cloud brokerage!

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Additionally, upon joining eXp Realty, I joined the National Association of Realtors and Charlotte, NC MLS Association. Soon after becoming active under my BIC, I’ve enrolled in three post-licensing courses, ninety hours in total. Each post-licensing class requires the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to remain active after the eighteen-month period ends. Or your broker credentials become inactive. The removal of provisional status happens after passing exams on three separate, 30-hour courses; then, you become a full broker. And, you no longer have to be supervised by a BIC.

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In the end, or maybe just a beginning, I went through many sacrifices to accomplish this milestone. During school and exam time, I was practically unavailable for my family. I didn’t watch TV, and I didn’t go to social events. I just ate and studied and slept. That’s how demanding and challenging the material is. In my honest opinion, I think class time should extend over an entire college semester. So far, anyone that says they can wing it on the weekend while working full time. I am sorry to tell you this, but the chances of you passing the intricate realtor state exams are very slim unless you’re a genius. And I am not! 

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Reflecting on the year 2019 and slowly walking into the marvelous 2020, I enter armed with a new experience that will open doors to a new adventure: an exciting career in real estate and becoming a realtor! 

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In terms of staying up to date on education, last month, I’ve read five books on the subject of real estate. There is a lot of information out there and sometimes even too much with many real estate gurus, coaches, and advisors trying to help you seemingly. But, in the end, throw you in a funnel to buy their courses – be careful if I may provide a bit of straightforward advice. Use your gut and go with what your intuition is telling you.

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Like everything, the input is abundant, but there are always those unique gems among the mountains of information. I found such, and I will be covering my particular realtor book recommendations for new real estate agents in my next blog post. As well as how I organize my day, who I learn from, and how the heck I begin my first client experience in real estate! Because when you come out of the real estate school, you can sometimes feel a bit lost.

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On that note, if you think of becoming a real estate agent and want to learn more about eXp Realty. Or my journey – shoot me a message! I will be happy to help. And provide my testimony free of charge: no catches, no funnels, no pesky sales lines. Just peer to peer help.

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And now, my friend, as I bid you adieu. I’m ready to face my new challenge in the exciting world of real estate. As such, today, I dive into writing my realtor business plan. Composing a marketing strategy, and of course: shopping for girl boss office supplies. Hey! Just because I’m in real estate doesn’t mean I have to let go of my feminine touches. I love pink. And the world would be a better place if some things had a little bit pink in it. 

*Note: This article premiered on Nov 20, 2019. We are reposting due to high demand. 

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