Healthy Habits Working From Home – Wellness Tips

We all know that to be productive at work and in your business, you also have to take care of your health. Today, I will be sharing a couple of wellness tips that will help you be more productive and efficient in your business.

I am a person that’s pretty well-oriented in terms of natural health and wellness. But because I am an entrepreneur and run a real estate business, I share my wellness tips for success with you, on how to have a productive mindset, and a bunch of other things to help you perform at your highest peak.

I figured I’m going to also throw in a couple of things that will help you be productive and stay healthy because we all know that you have to feel good to get things done.

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I have researched healthy alternative living for many years, and I have an abundance of information on this topic. Still, I’m not going to flood you with too much information.

I wanted to give you the most straightforward wellness tips possible that you could utilize immediately. Tips that will help you stay more efficient and healthy right away.

So the first thing I wanted to address is diet.

I don’t believe in diets at all. I believe in balanced living and balanced eating.

I think it’s beneficial if you make your meals at home and this way you know what goes into your meals as much as possible. We all love to go to restaurants. There’s nothing wrong with that. I too like once the while check out a good place, and that’s fine.

But I think that if you focus on making most of your meals at home and know what goes into each meal, that’s one first step of making your life healthier while striving for optimal performace.

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The next wellness tip is water.

I know this is a no-brainer, and you’ll probably see tons of articles and videos about drinking water from all the health gurus and fitness fanatics.

But I am guilty of not drinking enough water myself. However, I noticed that if I up my water intake daily, my brain functions better, I’m more productive, and I just feel more energized.

The secret tip I can give you is that if you add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to your water, the water becomes alkaline, and therefore, your body holds it inside much longer.

However, if you don’t like the taste of salty water, put a little salt on your tongue and then have a glass of water. You’ll see how long that water will stay in your body. That’s a pretty cool trick.

Another thing that I wanted to share with you in terms of wellness tips for healthy eating is staying low carb.

I know we all love our carbs, but I noticed that if I overeat carbs, I get fatigued. Your body has to use a lot of energy inside the digestive system to process all the carbs. So staying low carb equals being more productive.

Wellness Tips

And this way there is more room for other things like veggies and healthier things to eat. So that’s key to staying healthy is being low carb.

There’s one thing that you could do initially if you’re trying to change your eating habits to stay more productive at work, and your business. And that is to cook your own food on the weekends. If you have time, make bone broths; if you don’t have time, buy them, but that’s not the same as making them yourself. Bone broths are very nourishing to your gut lining and to your body and they have lots of imporant minerals.

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Bone broths are just excellent for you overall. I won’t go deep into it. But, I will give you some resources to read more about the benefits of drinking bone broths; also, if you have an opportunity to meet your local farmer or order from any area that raises local meat, that is always a better option than supermarket meat.

If you live anywhere within a driving range of a local, small farm, it’s worth to purchase pastured meet from your local farmer, even if it’s an hour drive, it’s worth it. And this way, you can also, at the same time, buy the bones and make the bone broth. This is what I do. It’s the main reason why I moved to North Carolina because I knew that if I went back to living in New York City, I wouldn’t had access local farming.

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