Today I’ll talk about the Good News You Won’t Hear About On TV.

Recently I became a follower of the Sussexroyal Instagram account. It happened quite coincidentally. The Sussexroyal profile grabbed my attention when I was researching some individuals that do good causes. While browsing the royal Insta page, I stumbled upon an account called – Good News Movement. 

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It was the only profile during January that the Sussexroyal was following. The only one! I was intrigued. Why did Sussexroyal follow only one account? Nevertheless, later on, I learned that the Royal couple circulates profiles that they admire. As such, they follow only one Instagram profile each month. However, all of their chosen monthly contenders need to foster a positive impact on our world. 

I loved the idea! And the evident strong message from the Sussexroyal Instagram page. 

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Nevertheless, when I browsed through the Good News Movement’s Instagram profile, the content grabbed my attention immediately. It turns out, a female journalist runs the page, and it features inspirational photos and videos of the good things that are happening around the world. As such, the page shares random acts of kindness of people helping each other or people making a difference in this world by doing something worthwhile. There is no politics or bad news on the Good News Movement Instagram feed. Period. 

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You must know, I don’t follow a lot of social accounts, and I handpick the ones that I do, but this one I had to befriend immediately. What I like about their profile is that their videos and pictures aren’t the stuff people ever see on television. I say others because I don’t watch TV. Why, you ask? Because it’s depressing. And I believe: you are what you eat, what you read, what you listen to and what you watch for that matter. 

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Thus, discovering the Good News Movement’s Instagram account and scrolling through their heartwarming square images was a delightful breath of fresh air from what we normally see on digital media.

Here is an example of something pleasant. There was a video of a little girl who was giving random hugs to people at church. It was such an amusing scene that nobody was stopping the child. People in the church were unquestionably accepting the little girl’s spontaneous acts of love. And I was so happy watching the video that I even felt a surprising tear lurking around my left eyeball. 

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Another interesting Instagram post was about a man who was standing on a busy street with a cardboard sign wearing a suit. At first, it seemed as if though he was panhandling. But that was not the case. Instead of asking for money, he was smiling and giving out his resume to people passing by in cars. The cardboard sign didn’t say that he was starving; it said: “Take my resume; give me a job.” It certainly got a lot of attention. I think that man was nothing short of courageous. 

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In summary, I invite you to visit the Good News Movement on Instagram and become inspired by their stories. Who knows, maybe it will encourage you to do a random act of kindness of your own and inspire the world. Alternatively, if you see good things happening in your area, why not share it on your social media platform or Instagram feed and tag the Good News Movement. Tag Caramel Chic if you want. Let’s support what they do! Because, indeed, the Good News Movement is a “good movement.” 

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In the end, the point of my narrative is to inspire you as I have been and to bring to your attention someone else’s bold idea to share positive news with the entire globe. How is that for changing the world one individual at a time. One woman a time. 

Interestingly, as I’m writing this blog post, the Good News Movement’s Instagram page has a staggering 380K followers! Let that sink in for a while. And – while you’re pondering, here is a contemplative question. What do humans crave more, the good news or the bad? 

I’ll let you decide.

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Today, I conclude that we need more initiatives like the Good News Movement, and together, we should spread the message that great things are happening around the world every day. And it depends on us, regular people if we talk about it or not. So, now, my friend, turn off the TV, feed the cat, get off the couch, and go frolic and explore your surroundings. Who knows – you might discover a priceless moment. Because I promise you this – it’s a beautiful world out there still. 

In retrospect, my discovery of the Good News Movement reminds me of my previous post about “Desiderata,” a poem composed in 1948 by Max Ehrmann. 

Therefore, I will end today’s article with what I think is a suitable citation.

“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” – Max Ehrmann

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*Article originally published on February 2020. 

All text copyrighted and solely owned by Caramel Chic LLC. Please don’t copy it.

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