Today I’m revealing my Five Secrets To A Beautiful Skin.

I am sure every woman on the planet wants to have gorgeous-looking skin. Women purchase countless products to target everyday skin concerns. Some are expensive, and some are not. For me, obtaining luminous skin always goes back to natural skincare choices and an appropriate lifestyle.

Today, I will share some of my secret tips for supple skin and wrinkle prevention. 

And, maybe even a happier soul…

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Secret #1

Cold-pressed face oils.

I use cold-pressed face oils daily. Some of my favorites are rosehip seed oil and argan oil. The real trick for the oil to get quickly absorbed by the skin is to apply it when the skin is still moist. So, I use it either right after I come out of the shower or right after I wash my face. Consequently, I get so many compliments on my skin. Thus, I always say: use oils, they are fantastic for your complexion! 

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Secret #2 


Yes, I know, you’ve heard from countless people, “drink lots of water.” But the trick here is to ask yourself: what kind of water are we drinking? Is water alkaline? Is it filtered? There many benefits to drinking alkaline water. It is inexpensive to make your own just by adding a bit of high-quality mineral salt. For example, American Redmont Salt, or French grey sea salt. These salts have lots of minerals and are very nourishing to the human body. 

Essentially, when you add mineral salt to the water, you’re making your own sports drink. Alkaline water stays in the body longer, which means you obtain better hydration. I try to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, and sometimes, aside from salt, I add lemon juice or stevia. 

Tip! If you can’t stomach the thought of adding salt to your water, put a pinch of salt on your tongue, this way it goes directly to your bloodstream. Then drink your glass of filtered water. Please do not use regular table salt!

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Secret #3 

Don’t use foundation. 

After doing lots of extensive research, I decided to skip the foundation. To explain, if you take a magnifying glass, literally, and read all the ingredients on the box of any foundation, you will be astonished. I can’t even pronounce some of the complex chemistry words, but they are genuinely questionable to me.

There are many cautious ingredients, but mineral oil is one major aggravator that I refuse to put on my skin. Mineral oil might be contaminated by toxins, clogs pores, which can cause breakouts, and it does nothing beneficial for your skin. It’s not permeating your skin with nutrients. It doesn’t hydrate your skin. It’s just sitting there on top of the skin layer, creating a synthetic block. Beware of mineral oil. 

Our skin is made to breathe, ever since I’ve allowed for my face to “go naked,” I gained back beautiful, dewy complexion. Sometimes, I use a pure concealer that does not contain sunscreen to target specific spots, but usually, I wear natural face powder to reduce any shine.

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Secret #4

Natural sun. 

I do expose my face to the natural sun regularly. But, I do not suntan it or burn it. The trick is to have the sun gently kiss your face for about 10 – 20 minutes. This can also be done when you are just out and about. I have done this for a long time, and I see many benefits. The sun simply nourishes my skin in ways that are natural and healing to me. Balance and moderation are essential. And I will not, not, not, use tanning salons or fake tanning spray booths. Ever. 

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Secret #5 

Proper lifestyle. 

This means proper diet, supplements, and exercise. But not strict dieting or rigorous training. A lifestyle diet full of foods that are prepared at home using natural ingredients. I cook at home a lot and use organic or locally grown/pastured products that have no pesticides. 

Also, I don’t put anything in my body that has preservatives or questionable ingredients. Besides, I eat farm-raised eggs, grass-fed meat, and locally farmed foods as much as possible. I ingest a lot of butter, as well. A long-forgotten superfood. Also, I add high doses of vitamin D with MK7 during the winter season to keep my immunity strong. My family also supplements with grass-fed liver supplements three times a week. The grass-fed beef liver contains a range of energy-sustaining B vitamins and nourishes skin, hair, and nails. 

If you would like to learn more about suggested foods and supplements and how I eat, visit, or read its founder’s Sally Fallon’s book titled “Nourishing Traditions.” This type of lifestyle promotes health, fertility, and overall well being for the entire family. This book literally changed my life! 

In summary.

The key here is balance and clear understanding that whatever you put inside your body will ultimately nourish your skin, hair, mind, and your soul. It’s essential to take care of those things from the inside out. I speak from experience and years of trying different things and lots of research. 

In the end, we live in a world that is bombarded with beauty products and “miracle” solutions. While I believe there is nothing wrong with a desire to be beautiful, if you don’t take care of the inside part, no expensive cream will suffice, no matter what beauty products you try.

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