Let’s talk about Town Of Davidson the heart of Davidson College, located in North Carolina, and part of Mecklenburg county.  But, let me ask you a question. 

Are you longing to move to the suburbs? But not your average suburbs but a welcoming, magical town – just like from a fairy tale? I know you are!

If you’ve always wanted to walk out of your house, grab a newspaper (yes, they still sell those down here), and read it outside while drinking a steaming cup of fresh coffee, and maybe even people watch a little – then Davidson is THE place FOR YOU. But you have to watch my entire video (below) to fall in love with Davidson – the enchanted town of North Carolina located in Mecklenburg County.

Town Of Davidson College

Once you get here, you will never want to leave. 

“The town of Davidson was founded with the establishment of Davidson College in 1837. In 1835, when the Concord Presbytery sought a site for a Presbyterian men’s college, churchman and planter William Lee Davidson II sold them 469 acres on a high and healthy ridge between the Catawba and Yadkin rivers. The college was named for his father, General William Lee Davidson who was killed fighting the British at the Battle of Cowan’s Ford in 1781.” – Davidson Historical Society

Click here for a timeline of town history.

Davidson is a small town located within proximity to Lake Norman and twenty five minute drive to Charlotte City Center. This bicycle and pet-friendly small municipality has a historic college feel with considerable modern updates. The town’s antique feel has been preserved, and locals love to sit outside, play chess games, walk their dogs, meet for coffee, or play sports with their children in nearby green parks. 

Most people visit Davidson’s downtown Main Street area, where its boutique charm attracts locals as well as visitors from Charlotte and even curious tourists from beyond the state lines. 

Want to grab a delicious meal? Check out various local cuisines scattered around the neighborhood. Need a romantic weekend getaway? Book a traditional small hotel called Davidson Village Inn and enjoy breakfast in bed cooked up by Famous Toastery. As its name states, it’s a famous local breakfast establishment with multiple locations. I’ve tried their breakfast on various occasions and was never disappointed. 

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As you can see, The Town of Davidson is truly unique, gracious, and beautiful. As a matter of fact, I had no problems striking up a conversation with total strangers. Some of which used to live in NYC or Chicago. It turns out that in Davidson you can say “hello” to just about anyone without them looking at you like you’ve lost your mind. Now, that’s refreshing for a girl like me who used to live in the crazy Brooklyn, NY – where saying “hi” to a complete stranger meant that you wanted something. 

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However, that’s not the case here in the south, especially in the warm, and friendly Town of Davidson, where everywhere you go, people smile and are delighted to talk to you. 

What is the secret?

Most probably, the quality of life and careful town government planning assuring that citizens are well cared for, and locals strive for a common goal – creating a vibrant sense of community where everyone is looking out for each other. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it.  

Town Of Davidson College

Don’t believe me? 

Check it for yourself!

Watch my Town Of Davidson – Christmas Tour video and let yourself be enchanted. 

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Photography: Caramel Chic LLC, Jon Tyson Photo by Annie Spratt 

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