A brief story about Quiet Moments And Instagram Noise.

I hope you can stay with me for this one. 

Do you ever have those days when you want to sit in quiet somewhere, browse through your favorite magazine, read a book, and be alone in deep contemplation?

I do.

quiet moments and instagram noise

Today is one of those days. It’s a crisp August morning, with an abundance of sunshine, and I feel like stepping outdoors to savor every moment. I can sit outside, read, write, work, and search for some inspiration.

IMG 7393

It’s during those quiet moments that I can find my intuitive voice, which guides me on what to do next. Well, sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s okay too! Maybe it just means that I am not ready to hear it.

quiet moments and instagram noise

When I listen to my heart and don’t pay attention to all the noise, especially online, I feel in harmony with what I am creating. We all know that online sound can sometimes get overwhelming. Interrupting the quiet we’ve created for ourselves. 

quiet moments and instagram noise

Just yesterday, I had some people follow me on Instagram then unfollow me two days later. One of them being a well-known influencer with 54K followers. Yikes! This is enough to disrupt my peace – if I only let it.

image 1

But instead, I went to my Tribe of support women on a business Facebook group I followed and got my validation. The message: not to worry about this happens, don’t take it personally! It’s part of the unfortunate Instagram follow/unfollow game.       

I say: we are either going mad or are being invaded by robots!


Well, it bothers me that we live in such a self-centered world. Give me, give me, give me – you don’t have anything for me? Ok – I am leaving! I am not saying that everyone is like this. But the sharks are out there. To me, social media is like this big Jungle. There are pretty birds, playful monkeys, and lions are waiting to devour their next pray.

Enter at your own risk, and you better know how to navigate.

Note: now you may insert a picture of your imaginary jungle creature or use this photo of a spotted hyena.

quiet moments and instagram noise

OK – back to my quiet moment…

Fortunately, my integrity tells me that it’s not always about quantity, popularity, or fame. That’s why I choose to be in what I call “the summer forest” rather than “the jungle.” And I want quality instead.

I hope you do as well. How is that for simple contemplation? 

quiet moments and instagram noise

As such, I prefer to be creative, productive, goal-oriented – loving, generous, and supportive rather than hungry and predatory. This is the road to a sustained living while building a lasting and robust foundation.  

In retrospect, I believe Karma is a bitch. And, darlings, She is not going anywhere.

quiet moments and instagram noise 

Have a fantastic weekend full of precious, quiet moments away from all the cyber and real-world noise. 

IMG 3386

Photography: Caramel Chic LLC, All photos feature Joanna Sobjanek. 

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