Recently I had the pleasure of visiting an outstanding local vineyard. What’s that, you say? Did I travel to Italy, you ask? Not quite.

I drove for about 50 minutes from where I live to a town close by called: Lexington, NC. It was a pleasant drive, and the North Carolina vineyard truly exceeded my expectations.

The notable establishment called Childress Vineyards is quite beautiful, with breathtaking architecture resembling that of somewhere in the Italian countrysides.

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I eagerly explored the inside of the vineyard, stopping by their extensive wine and gift shop. One can relax with a cheeseboard, sip on some fantastic local wine or splurge, and take a few renowned wine bottles home.

Outside of the vineyard is just as beautiful, if not more, with plenty of outdoor sitting area, round tables, and romantic open-air hallways covered with stone—a perfect place for taking photographs, videos, or just relaxing while listening to some jazz.

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If you wish to snap great photos, walk to the monumental water fountain on a small pond. But be sure to stroll through the actual vineyards nearby with delicious grapes sticking out from their protective nets—a perfect hideaway spot to propose to your honey or even snatch a private kiss.

childress vineyards

Overall, I was delighted that I visited the stunning vineyard, and I highly recommend this venue. And, now watch my video on the entire tour of Childress Vineyards. You genuinely do not want to miss this one!

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