10 Reasons You Should Move To Charlotte NC

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In this video, I discuss ten reasons why you should move to Charlotte, NC.

If you don’t already know, I moved to North Carolina from New York City five years ago, and I have never looked back since. As much as New York City is part of me and will always stay that way – it was time for a change, and North Carolina seemed like the perfect place to make that change.

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After all, I wanted to live in a place that is semi metropolitan with easy access to the countrysides, farming, mountains, and nature. It seems that Charlotte fit the bill for all of the above.

One of the first reasons, if anyone is considering moving here, is that people in the south are super friendly. Everyone says hello to you wherever you go, and nobody thinks you’re crazy. That was not the case when I lived in NYC. In New York, people said hi to me when I went upstate or ventured into rural areas.

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If you are looking to move to a city with an attractive suburban area, Charlotte is the place to be. We have some of the nicest subdivisions around the state. Many of them have various amenities for their homeowners, such as golf club access, swimming pools, clubhouses, and tennis courts.

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Charlotte has so much to offer, but you have to discover the city for yourself as it is very spread out, and only a tiny portion of it is urban-like, the Uptown, also called the Downtown area.

Many events are happening throughout the year. And if you feel adventuresome, an abundance of day trips await you within an hour or two drive, including trips to Asheville, the Outerbanks, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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To find out more, watch my video below for the other eight reasons why you should move to Charlotte, NC.

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Hygge – The Art Of Slow Living

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Listen to our Podcast: Hygge – The Art Of Slow Living (Season I) 

Or follow some ideas below.

Hygge A Way Of Life.

We are often busy with this thing called life and our jobs and many other responsibilities. Undoubtedly, we all know that what’s happening around the globe right now is just painful to watch and experience. But I think it’s important to stay positive and focus on our blessings rather than our misfortunes. Hence, this is a rare moment to slow down a bit and get to know Hygge.

What is Hygge?

It’s a Scandinavian way of life that celebrates health and happiness and in other ways besides just home decor. 

Here are some ways that you can integrate Hygge into your lifestyle:

  • Be with friends and family more often. Spend time with your children. 
  • Enjoy the simple things in life as well as life’s simple pleasures: a warm bath, a massage, afternoon nap. 
  • Be in the now, be present, stay in the moment, and be thankful.
  • During the weekend, stay an extra hour in bed. 
  • Invite friends for a barbeque and grill something delicious. 
  • Live a sustainable life, reuse, donate, recycle—Declutter your home and garage. 
  • Grow and learn by taking up a new hobby, such as cooking, or photography, and even knitting.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible in all life situations. 
  • Appreciate nature, where you live, changing seasons, rain, snow, sun. 
  • Read a good book or write in a journal. Pray and meditate. 

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Charlotte, NC – Top Reasons Not To Move Here

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Charlotte NC. What happens when a long-time New Yorker permanently moves to the south? The answer is pretty simple: they experience a culture shock.

And that is what happened to me when I relocated to Charlotte NC five years ago. The south is nothing like the north, and everything here is very, very different.

For starters, one must have a car to get around the city. There is no public transportation in Charlotte NC. Sure there is a Lynx train inside the city center, but the train’s route is minimal. And not everyone wants to live downtown, also called the “uptown” area.

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Charlotte City Center

In New York City, sometimes, to avoid horrendous traffic, I often skipped driving and took a subway. It saved me time, anxiety and I didn’t have to look for parking. Carless living is not optional in Charlotte unless you’re willing to spend money on rideshares.

Charlotte is a vast and spread-out town. The city center is the most congested area with its banking and government buildings and chain hotels taking prevalence. You can find various cities and neighborhoods outside of the city center, such as Meyers Park, Dillworth, Noda or up north, Huntersville, Davidson, or Cornelius. All of these towns are unique in their character.

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Day trip: Mt Mitchell NC

For example, Noda is eclectic and hippy with an artsy vibe and many historic homes scattered throughout the new or restored architecture. Davidson is a college town with large houses around the area and cute downtown with family-oriented shops and eateries. On the other hand, Cornelius is a more affluent town with Peninsula lake views, upscale homes, and refined modern architecture.

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Nearby Charleston SC, cool place to visit but I recommend staying overnight.

If you are looking to get dressed up and visit the ballet, you pretty much have to fly back to New York City. People here are mostly happy with being casual, and nobody even knows that there is a ballet theater in the city center. Most events are focused on live band concerts in the summer, with many new and upcoming breweries participating. There is plenty of golfing and boating around the Lake Norman area and much retail shopping in nearby malls. If you love shopping, you will not be bored here.

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My kind of hiking 🙂

With many national parks and mountains nearby, there are plenty of outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching. You can also take a scenic drive to Blueridge Mountains or Boone to check out the mountain country life. Beaches are much farther from Charlotte NC than the mountains. That’s why most people prefer day trips to the national parks instead.

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Charleston SC

If you are in a mood to check out North Carolina’s beaches, be prepared to drive about four to five hours. I always recommend staying overnight for a trip this long. Otherwise, you spend your entire day driving. Once you reach the beaches, it’s so worth it because the North Carolina beaches are beautiful and very clean. I also recommend checking out nearby SC beaches and the city of Charleston. Nonetheless, whatever you plan on doing around Charlotte NC, you must have a car.

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Sunset over Lake Norman (north of Charlotte city center).

The best way to experience the joy of living in Charlotte NC is to find a neighborhood you like and get involved in your local community. Whether or not you will like living in Charlotte depends on your job satisfaction, weather, family, and community attainment. Charlotte is not a city that caters to party-goers. It’s not a city that is full of easily accessible adventures such as Manhattan. You have to find different activities on your own. However, I promise you that once you do – the possibilities are endless.

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Happiness: enjoying the local activities and living in the south 🙂


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