Weekly Favorites

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Interesting things to watch, create, eat and do that we’ve found online. Dig in!

  1. Favorite movie of the week. Labor Day with Kate Winslet. Based on a book. A slowly developing love story between an ex-convitct and a single mother living in a small town. Action takes place in the 80’s.
  2. How to create DIY home made Lavender/Mint Cleaner. We love the eco approach to cleaning.
  3. Summer dish: Simple Sushi rolls recipe. Perfect dish for hot summer days.
  4. Tips for a Luxury Home for less. You don’t have to spend a lot to have beautiful home decor.
  5. Local favorites: Biltmore Castle in Asheville, NC.  A must see with a friend.
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Things We Love

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Interesting things to watch, eat, and do that we’ve found online. Dig in!

📺 ~ Favorite movie of the week  Juno with Ellen Page. A pro-life movie about teen’s important life’s decisions.

💃🏻 ~ How to learn to dance online. Virtual Dance lessons on YT. You don’t even have to leave home, just click on here and you can learn how to dance, Rumba, Samba and even Tango.

🍨 ~ Summer dessert! How to make simple and delicious Banana Pudding. 

📚 ~ How to write a book. Motivational tips on getting started.

💡~ Local favorites: Visit The Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC

Pickled Peach – Local Restaurant Review

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Pickled Peach – Local Restaurant Review

Recently, I visited another excellent eating spot in Davidson, NC, called Pickled Peach. It’s a small restaurant, café, and market where you can find artisan foods and a menu created with locally sourced ingredients. It sounds like heaven to me because I love eating local!

I felt very comfortable ordering food from Pickled Peach. Everything on the list of options looked fresh and enticing. I couldn’t resist and ordered a BLT made with fried green tomato. Indeed, a southern must. The sandwich was carefully constructed and tasted fresh. The bacon was delicious, and the sour-dough toast was light and crispy. I enjoyed every bite!

This establishment is a no-frills type of café, with self-order at the counter and waiter delivery to table. The restaurant placed the food on metal trays, silverware on the tray, and a white cloth napkin next to it. I thought the cloth napkin was a nice touch.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the metal tray. I prefer to eat my sandwich off a ceramic plate. To me, esthetics is everything. I always eat with my eyes first. The sandwich was so pretty and well-made that it would look even more enticing if served on simple white earthenware. I am just saying Pickled Peach. I do mean well.

In front of the ordering station, I noticed a fridge with locally sourced and homemade goodies. After I took my picture, I spotted bottled kombucha hidden in the back. I detect these things because I make my kombucha at home, and to me, that stuff is liquid gold.

There were local eggs, beets, cultured butter, organic blueberries, and chocolate chip cookie dough, among some other items. Yum!

Pickled Peach is how all American supermarkets should look. A deep sigh here.

Finally, I thought that the staff was amiable and attentive. Being a spoiled New Yorker, I appreciate that stuff very much. The café’s atmosphere was family-oriented and positively unpretentious.

I will be back for sure, maybe even with my ceramic plate. I was kidding! Ok – only to take a good picture.


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