Huntersville – One Of The BEST PLACES TO LIVE in North Carolina A Suburb of Charlotte

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huntersvilleHuntersville North Carolina is a town of approximately 50K or more inhabitants. The town is situated near Lake Norman. Lake Norman used to be a popular vacation spot. However, in the last decade, the area became a modern single-family location with inhabitants that love to indulge in golf, tennis, boating, and relaxing in the nearby waterfront restaurants. Moreover, there are plenty of kid-friendly activities, with various summer festivals, sports, nature parks, and water activities.

There is a mixture of old and new in Huntersville, North Carolina. One can recognize this in downtown’s old architecture with small buildings and narrow streets. Huntersville area however is rapidly changing due to busy construction and the rise of new construction and exciting community developments, some of them reaching as close to 1.2 million dollars for a single-family house. One such marvelous community is called Belleterre with distinctive exterior architecture, modern open floor plans, and expansive outdoor living areas.

The not so little secret of Mecklenburg County, a true gem, Huntersville North Carolina is a town that has a lot to offer. With its sprawling greenways, various jogging paths, multiple dog parks, and kid playgrounds, it’s the perfect place to raise a family. Or even retire.

Situated in the north part of Charlotte, with proximity to Uptown, full of fast-paced city life, hopping nightlife, and high-end shopping, Huntersville is only 25 minutes away from the city center also known as the financial and banking mecca.

Huntersville North Carolina, the ever-growing and changing municipality has something for everyone. But to learn more and see some visual neighborhood tours. Watch my exciting video!


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Hyper Organized – Top Tools For Entrepreneurs

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Do you like being organized?

Not just in real estate but in any self-run entrepreneurial business, one needs tools that will assist in sustaining a manageable workflow while elevating performance — resources that are efficient and leverage productivity, as well as time. 

You should know I’m a “techie” person, so I use lots of apps and online resources. I, for example, don’t use a paper calendar. I do most of my planning electronically. This way, when I am on the go, I have my schedule with me and know what’s going on. 7934B8C1 AC77 4F6F BBB5 3BAB3C36D1B3 1

Also, I love Apple products, and I use MacBook, Apple iPad Pro, and iPhone interchangeably. On my phone and iPad, I have several apps that keep me organized and make my life easier. 

Here are the top five apps and resources that I use in my business to keep myself organized. The apps pertain to project management, creative content, business development, scheduling, and grammar. 1FE8F6BF A93E 4186 ACA2 036696166CB6 1

Here is the list: 


Todoist is a highly underestimated tool. It’s a to-do list in an app and desktop app. It’s a project management tool, tasks list, and lots more. I discovered it while searching for some useful apps on and purchased a yearly subscription. I love how it integrates with my online calendar and sends all sorts of reminders, thus keeping me super organized. 


Spark. For all my creative work, social media posts, pages, slides/videos, flyers, I use Spark Adobe. Moreover, I own the entire suite of Adobe products, and I love them. Adobe keeps evolving and updating their tools. I find them to be very useful. 


Haystack is for my business card, as well as all the ones I receive from my contacts. I can keep all of them in the Haystack app on my phone. It’s easy to share my business card with anyone I meet instantly. As well as scan a card I receive. Never fumble through a bunch of business cards again. 


Acuity. For scheduling with others and keeping track of my calendar, I use Acuity. A powerful tool that has too many benefits to list. Time is needed to learn all the tools. Acuity has to offer, but in the long run, it’s worth embracing this smart apparatus. 


Grammarly is probably one of my best investments so far. A tool that instinctively guides me in a style of writing that I wish to produce. Whether it’s a formal letter, engaging topic, or a story, I use Grammarly to check my blog posts, emails, notes, and all of my creative content. It does an excellent job of things a human editor would do. Furthermore, it’s an indispensable mechanism to exhibit and learn proper writing. 

In conclusion, these are not all of the tools I use. But the top five provide a general overview for anyone whose business, blogging world, or the creative industry.

Best of all, practically anybody can use these tools.  

What resources do you use? 

Have a fantastic rest of the week! 

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10 Reasons You Should Move To Charlotte NC

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In this video, I discuss ten reasons why you should move to Charlotte, NC.

If you don’t already know, I moved to North Carolina from New York City five years ago, and I have never looked back since. As much as New York City is part of me and will always stay that way – it was time for a change, and North Carolina seemed like the perfect place to make that change.

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After all, I wanted to live in a place that is semi metropolitan with easy access to the countrysides, farming, mountains, and nature. It seems that Charlotte fit the bill for all of the above.

One of the first reasons, if anyone is considering moving here, is that people in the south are super friendly. Everyone says hello to you wherever you go, and nobody thinks you’re crazy. That was not the case when I lived in NYC. In New York, people said hi to me when I went upstate or ventured into rural areas.

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If you are looking to move to a city with an attractive suburban area, Charlotte is the place to be. We have some of the nicest subdivisions around the state. Many of them have various amenities for their homeowners, such as golf club access, swimming pools, clubhouses, and tennis courts.

conner baker wv4Pu Jjdbw unsplash scaled

Charlotte has so much to offer, but you have to discover the city for yourself as it is very spread out, and only a tiny portion of it is urban-like, the Uptown, also called the Downtown area.

Many events are happening throughout the year. And if you feel adventuresome, an abundance of day trips await you within an hour or two drive, including trips to Asheville, the Outerbanks, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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To find out more, watch my video below for the other eight reasons why you should move to Charlotte, NC.

Blog Post Photography: Featured – Clay Banks, Post: Lucianna Coelho, Conner Baker, Stephanie Klepacki, Jared Lisack

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