Being Scared And Saddling Up Anyway: My Story About Moving Abroad

On today’s show, I’m talking about fears, major decisions, simplifying your life, and making the leap to do the things we want to do despite being afraid.

Most importantly, I share my own story. What it’s like to move abroad with only two suitcases. Live there for a few years, then come back to the US.

Also, I reveal what it’s like to get rid of all of your belongings to embrace adventure, live, and endure personal discovery.

Then, I shed some light on what it was like to live abroad, adjust to new surroundings, buy new things.  Subsequently, get rid of most of those things. And, return to the US with – again – two suitcases.

Most importantly, I divulge how this experience has shaped me, and how I look at life today, how I view consumerism. And, how owning just a few pairs of shoes is not a bad thing after all.

I hope that my story will inspire and motivate those people who are struggling with a major life decision like I did a few years ago. And, perhaps, this small fragment of my journey will provide a little bit of motivation to live their best life right now.  

Hey, maybe that’s you!

Maybe YOU need that one last push so that fear doesn’t hold you back. Perhaps you need that one particular, encouraging story so that you can leap to do whatever you want to do in life and trust that it will all work out.

And, even if it doesn’t – it’s an excellent opportunity to gain priceless life lessons.

It’s called being scared and saddling up anyway.

Tune in now! 

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