Favorite Island

During a recent weekend getaway trip to Kiawah Island, SC I was able to contemplate on the things to do and the cool local travel/getaway inspirations. I must tell you, there is something special and unique about visiting Kiawah Island in South Carolina. Where the air is balmy and the weather is truly hot. While walking around, I was so happy to see all the bright colors that were prevalent around the village.

Beach Time

Walking down a long beach pathway, I was in awe of the beautiful South Carolina coast. With many seashells laying on the beach, graciously dumped by the Atlantic Ocean, and seaguls curiously gazing from up above. Oblivious to the breathtakingly stunning sunsets which were so captivating to me. I am certain that each night, like a painters art, they were completely different.


There are plenty of small, unique restaurants where hungry diners are eager to relax while celebrating the local fare. There are too many to list but our favorite was home-made southern dishes that we’ve picked up at a nearby farmer’s market. We heated them in our hotel apartment, and devoured them with pleasure. I guess we really like home cooking!


Biking is popular on the island, and you can rent them in Freshfield Village. Golf is a theme sport. If you are an avid golfer, you will not be bored. We chose to take long walks and ride in the car but next time, a bike rental is on my list.


Most people keep their style very casual, and “beachy.” They tend to dress up more during the evening for cocktail hour or dining on the island. Hats, baseball hats, flip-flops and dresses were visible throughout. Worn both by locals, as well as, visitors. I wore my favorite pink baseball cap which my husband bought for me in Lake Lure, NC. Yes, pink again, I know, I can’t help it!

However, best accessory I’ve spotted was a gorgeous southern tan!


There is so much to do and explore. Charleston is only an hour away. We took a ride, but quickly came back as the crowds were too much for us. Consequently, our favorite place we’ve visited was a reptile sanctuary. Even tough I am repulsed by snakes, I appreciated other wonderful creatures that were living there. Especially the turtles!


Kiawah Island is a place to visit again and again. I quickly fell in love with it! And, I call it “The American Paradise.” That’s because you don’t have to travel to the Caribbean to be in the beautiful tropics. We have our own local paradise right here in the south. You just have to get in your car and discover it for yourself.

What is your favorite weekend getaway destination?

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Joanna Sobjanek