Facing Your Fears Discovery

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Amazing Benefits Of Facing Your Fears – My Story About Moving Abroad

On this podcast, I’m talking about fears, big decisions, simplifying your life, and taking a leap to do the things you want to do in spite of being afraid.

Most importantly, I share my own story. What’s it like to move abroad with only two suitcases? Live there for a few years, then return home.

Also, I reveal what it’s like to get rid of all of your belongings, embrace adventure, and live your life to the fullest while going through intimate personal discovery.

Further on, I describe how I adjusted to new European surroundings, and bought new things. Subsequently, got rid of those things. And, returned to the states with – again – only two suitcases.

Most importantly, I divulge how the experience shaped who I am today, how I look at life having gone through the journey, and how I faced my fears, without knowing the outcome. In addition, I talk about how I view consumerism after traveling so much with my desire to live a simpler life today. 

As such, if you are struggling with a major life decision, I hope that my story will inspire and motivate you and ease some of your own troubles when facing fears, and worries. Perhaps, this small fragment of my adventure will provide a little bit of motivation to live your best life, right now. Time is precious my friend. 

If you need just that one last push so that ugly fear doesn’t hold you back to do whatever you want to do in life then perhaps my humble experience will encourage you to take a leap of faith and trust that it will all work out in the end.  

And, even if it doesn’t – it’s still an excellent opportunity to gain priceless life lessons on facing your fears one cannot obtain at any university.

It’s called being scared and saddling up anyway. Take the jump! 

Tune in now! 

PHOTO JOURNAL that completes this Podcast. 

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