About Us

Caramel Chic is a digital platform created exclusively for women. We invite you to explore our blog and podcast on exciting categories such as business, lifestyle, inspiration, and much more. 

Our mission is to curate beautiful content based on women’s issues that are inspiring and motivating — most of all, real and straightforward.

Caramel Chic became a blog upon a simple idea when watching a Lebanese movie titled Caramel. Hence the blog’s name. The movie’s narrative describes the issues women face every day. To learn more about how Caramel Chic was born, and the film’s story, read an interview with Joanna Sobjanek. 

On our platform, we use various lifestyle photography. We include ours, as well as other photographers’ work, to capture real-life events in a creative manner that celebrate women’s lives. We often use Unsplash to tell stories and to inspire women to cherish their day-to-day priceless moments

*If you would like us to feature your photos, please contact us. 

Caramel Chic Radio, is a spin-off of our blog, and it’s a podcast with an unlikely motto: Life, Love, Happiness, And A Little Bit Of Sweetness! 

In a nutshell, as we go through our daily lives and seek happiness, we cannot forget about that little bit of sweetness in every single moment we celebrate being women! 

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For media/press inquiries as well as interview requests, podcast guest appearances, and speaking gigs, please contact us at [email protected] 





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