About Us

Caramel Chic is a lifestyle media company and digital platform created exclusively for women. The company was founded by Joanna Pietkiewicz

We invite you to explore our blog and podcast on exciting categories such as business, lifestyle, inspiration, and much more. 

Our mission is to curate beautiful content that is inspiring and motivating — most of all, real and straightforward.

Caramel Chic became a blog on a simple idea when watching a Lebanese movie titled Caramel. Hence the blog’s name. The movie’s narrative describes the issues women face every day. To learn more about how Caramel Chic was born, and the film’s story, read an interview with Joanna. 

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Our Brand

Caramel Chic Radio is a spin-off of our blog but it also focuses on business topics as well as motivation, inspiration and women in real estate. 

Caramel Chic YouTube is a continuation of the blog. You can view content about lifestyle, mindset, motivation, business, and real estate on this platform.

Caramel Chic Homes are residential real estate services located in Lake Norman, North Carolina focusing on luxury and waterfront properties.  

Shop Caramel Chic is a digital storefront where you can obtain the highest quality products on the market recommended by Joanna herself. 

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For inquiries please contact us at admin@caramelchic.com 





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